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A message from Vanessa...

“Welcome to my website. At this site you will find all of my up to date, range of unique designer fashion wigs and hairpieces. You will find all of my latest collections as well as all of my styles of wigs, half wigs, extensions, scrunchies and braids. People sometimes ask me, where do I get my inspirations from?  The answer is they come from many sources; films, fashion magazines, people in the street and of course I’m always keeping a watchful eye on the latest celebrity trends and looks. Please note, all my pieces are designed by me and are unique, you will not find the same quality, blends of shades, styles and cut elsewhere! 

As well as providing a full range of all the ‘classics’ I am constantly on the spy for new ideas, styles and innovations. So I like to think that if you see any new trend of look. Then surely you will find it here first.

You probably will have noticed that my products are perhaps a little more expensive than some. Quality comes at a premium. Rest assured all of my pieces are manufactured to the highest standards.  This is as I always select top grade synthetic fibres which effortlessly match human hair. So providing a comfortable and natural look. which when looked after correctly will provide years of pleasure and fun.

And of course, naturally, all of our human hair fibres are sourced from Eastern Europe. Unlike many of our competitors. We do not utilise cheap heavily processed human hair from unreliable or dubious Far-East Asian sources.

Remember, we periodically release new styles gauged against all that is current and in vogue. So please bookmark my homepage now (top right)! give your self a boost and have some fun. Remember girls know best!"